Lake Urmia Salt Crystals
Photo by: Wikimedia, Creative Commons

Nir is a small city. It lies in the northwestern most tip of the country. It lies near the Caspian Seas and Lake Urmia. And although this city is small, it was cradle of culture back when East-West trade was done by land. Nir is actually in the middle of the old Silk Road. Along with Ardabil, this was one of Persia’s merchant hubs. This is was one of the reasons why Persia flourished in the olden days.

Nir has humble and ancient sites to showcase. If you want to know what the olden route looked like, Nir can show you that. Nir has pretty much remained humble through the years. Being near the Caspian Sea and the salty Lake Urmia, Nir developed a decent salt industry.

If you want to see more after experiencing Nir, Ardabil is just a stone throws away. This city is practically made the Persian carpet business famous around the world. Here, you can find the best genuine Persian carpets. Ardabil is so good at making Persian rugs that the best kind of Persian rug is named after the city− the Ardabil Carpet.

In Ardabil, you can see both Islamic and Zoroastrian influences. A great place to experience this diffusion is to visit the Ardabil Museum, a place that contains both Islamic and Zoroastrian documents. Nir and Ardabil are real testaments of Persian ingenuity and know-how when it comes to trade. These two Iranian cities are definitely worth the long trip.

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