Nottingham Council Hall
Photo by: jonathangill, Creative Commons

Nottingham, England, just the mention of the name will definitely conjure up images of Robin Hood and his merry men in your head. This city on the British east midlands region has definitely come a long way from the time when Robin Hood was said to roam its forests. Today, you’ll see that this is where the medieval and the modern collide to give you a feast for the senses. Take a closer look for yourself and you’ll discover ancient landmarks amidst the bustling businesses on its modern streets. There’s always something you can discover in Nottingham.

One of the most fascinating places in the city is Nottingham castle. This museum will provide you a very interesting look into the history of Nottingham. With a beautiful art gallery and a scenic garden, it’s the perfect venue for an afternoon walk for you and your family. But if you’re looking for a more contemporary look into their art scene, you might want to visit the Angel Row Gallery to see their extensive collection of provoking and bizarre art images.

No visit to Nottingham will ever be complete without a trip to the Sherwood Forest Country Park. Here you can relive the glory days of Robin Hood and his famed exploits. Make sure to visit the huge oak tree called the Major oak, which is said to be Robin Hood’s favorite hiding place. Be amazed by the sheer grandeur of this 800-year-old tree. If you happen to come around during Robin Hood Month, make it a point to stay for the festivities as both young and old alike will be fascinated with the events that the Sherwood Forest Park has on offer.

If you’re more fascinated with the alternative fashion and music scene, then let Nottingham satiate your cravings for the obscure and eclectic. Hockley village has many interesting shops that you should definitely visit. From one-of-a-kind items in the gift shops to shocking yet stunning fashion pieces, you’ll find that there’s something for anyone and everyone in this unique shopping district.

So what are you waiting for? Start planning for your Nottingham holiday today. As there are countless points of interest scattered throughout the city, make sure that you plan ahead so you can explore and experience the city first hand. Since the city is easily accessible by plane, bus or train, do try to drop by, even for a day tour, if ever you’re in the surrounding cities. It’s definitely worth it.

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