Novgorod Kremlin

Novgorod Kremlin 400
Novgorod Kremlin at Sunset
Photo by: AndrewGould, Creative Commons

Novgorod Kremlin is an ancient fortress located at the banks of the Volkhov River. The fort is on the site of a burial ground and was built to celebrate the arrival of Ioakim Korsunianin in the year 989, the first bishop here. The Cathedral of Holy Wisdom was built at the same time.

The first fortifications were recorded around 1044 with additional constructions added in 1116. The fort has a wooden pole with a massive wall and stone towers that were added in the year 1302. In between the years 1330-1352 the stone wall was rebuilt and the fort was finally completed in the year 1400.

The present structure of the fort was built in between the years 1484 to 1490 by Prince Ivan III. The fort measures 545 meters long with nine towers. Among them, the Kokui, which is the tallest tower covered by a huge silver dome. An additional tower was built in the 18th century and the walls here measures 1487 meters.

The fort has a museum and a regional library dating back to imperial period. The museum houses a collection of artifacts, pottery, and jewels. The fort complex encloses a church and a park. The eternal flame, dedicated to the soldiers of the Great Patriotic War is a major attraction here.

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