Nuku Hiva

Nuku Hiva
Photo by: Poverarte, Creative Commons

In the French Polynesia territory of France is the largest island of the Marquesas Island, Nuku Hiva. This is an overseas territory by the Pacific ocean. It is sometimes called Nukahiva or Madison Island. While the majority of the locals are Polynesian, there are also a significant number of European residents. Getting to this place is not much of a problem. It has a single-strip runway airport which caters to travelers.

Retreating to an island such as this for a vacation or for a special occasion is a great idea. The view and the different areas within this place are astounding. There are valleys all around the western coastline of the island. There are no inhabited villages on this area. The northern and southern coastlines of Nuku Hiva have bays all around them and the two largest bays are found on the northern area. If you seek a wider place to wander off, the center of the island is a plateau which is covered by tall grass. Here you will be able to find a prairie where they now raise cattle. The highest peak is found at the western area of the plateau. This is where most of the rain water is caught and collected. The area is covered by pine tree plantations and is where you can find a three hundred and fifty meter high water falls called the Vaipo waterfall.

Apart from hiking and sight-seeing, there are more activities you can do in this island. There are festivals which are held for various occasions and as this is an island surrounded by the ocean, there are water-related activities to experience and enjoy. Some of the resorts offer services and facilities for snorkeling and diving. Shopping and dining are also common points of interest as the locals offer an array of specialties for their visitors.

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