City of Nuremberg and the University
Photo by: lyng883, Creative Commons

Nuremberg, Germany is a city that has gone through so much from the middle ages to the WWII era. The old fortifications scattered across the city speaks so much of the city’s Renaissance influence. The marvelous structures that survived centuries and even wars, now serves as primary tourist attractions for those who want to indulge into the rich culture of Nuremberg. Aside from that, the city was also the center of humanism, science, printing, and mechanical invention with notable figures coming from Nuremberg.

Throughout the city, remnants of architectural marvels adorn the cobblestone streets. The Frauenkirche (Church of Our Lady)is a sight to behold with its glorious and intricate facade that is the perfect backdrop for a lazy afternoon walk by yourself or with someone special. Like the Church of Our Lady, another majestic structure is the Nuremberg Castle. Its location alone, set on top of a sandstone rock is a breathtaking view from afar. The Nuremberg castle is composed of three segments, there’s the Emperor’s buildings or the Kaiserburg, the buildings on the eastern side or the städtische Burganlage, and the buildings of the rulers of Nuremberg or the Burggrafenburg.

Within the walls of the city, countless churches can also be found, reminiscent of the old culture of the city. The St. Sebaldus Church, Saint Klara, Saint Martha, and Saint Elisabeth among others are the churches that have been a favorite among globetrotters. Because of the city’s heavy medieval influences in architecture, there is also a medieval market within the city walls that sells handcrafted goods and other knickknacks, ideal for souvenir items to bring home to family or friends.

Another interesting site in Nuremberg is called the Nuremberg Ring that is secured by an iron fence. It is believed to bring good luck to those who touches it. Visitors from all corners of the country and the globe, never miss the chance to touch the Nuremberg Ring, in hopes of bringing Lady Luck to their side.

While most would be quick to assume that Nuremberg is just all about the history and medieval architecture, it is also in fact a busy, lively, and hip part of Germany that deserves to be visited once, twice, or maybe even thrice in your lifetime. The city is the perfect avenue for people looking to dig up the history and culture of Nuremberg without leaving the conveniences that modernization brings.

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