Nuuk at 1:00 A.M.
Photo by: lovstromp, Creative Commons

Nuuk is the capital of Greenland, where the old and new meet in their inimitable Greenlandic style. A brief hike from the majestic harbour with its attractive dated buildings takes you to the board, wherein the fish, birds and seal catches of the day are sold. More tourist spots in Nuuk include the National Museum, wherein you can spend a long period of time just learning about the history of Greenland; a cathedral from the year 1849; Greenland’s University; and Katuaq, which is an award-winning cultural site.

Nuuk, which means the headland, is located at the top pf a big peninsula at the opening of the massive fjord complex. The town is also the most dated one in Greenland. Nuuk was founded in 1728 by the Hans Egede missionary after he left his initial settlement all the way out in the Davis Strait, in the Isle of Hope. In Greenlandic terms, Nuuk is a frantic city at present. However, this is hardly ever the impression that tourists get of the tiniest capital city of the world with only 15,000 residents.

Greenland’s capital city Nuuk possesses a variety of cultural and historical sites, as well as a lot of incredible landscape on its doorstep. Nuuk City is an Arctic metropolitan area with a totally different everyday rhythm compared to other Greenland towns. Examples of fun activities are:

Ruins of Norse and Ice Sheet
At the Ice Sheet’s edge, both the opportunity to hike on the Ice Sheet itself and probably to drink something mixed with ice that’s several thousand years old are offered. Luckily, there is no sell-by-date on the ice cap of Greenland.

Greenland’s cultural and historical attractions
A visit to Nuuk at any time of the year offers an opportunity to experience a thrilling insight into the culture and history of Greenland. Greenland’s National Museum is pleasingly located in the city’s old district down to the fjord, possesses a wide collection of artefacts from Greenland’s umiaks, kayaks, past and a huge assortment of attires, as well as standard special displays.

Wildlife safari via boat
From the city of Nuuk, you will frequently be able to witness whales that are frolicking near to the coast. However, it is a totally unique experience to actually be out along with the whales in a comfy boat. The most frequent kinds of whales are humpback whales and minke whales. However, you just might see a killer whale from time to time.

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