Taxi, one way to get around in Nyala
Photo by: Stein Ove Korneliussen, Creative Commons

Whether you’re searching for fun in the sand, a trip to the K2 restaurant for mouth-watering dishes, or if you just want to see great Islamic architecture, then Nyala, Sudan is the place to go. It is the capital of South Darfur state and is the trading place for gum Arabic. It’s a highly industrial city as it produces textile, local food products and leather goods. There are branches of the Agricultural Bank of Sudan here as well as the Peoples Cooperative Bank. Nyala has a great domestic airport and terminus ends of both road and railway. No way will a tourist feel lost in this very urbane and organized city.

Nyala is famous for the Amel Center, a treatment and rehabilitation center for the tortured victims in Nyala. It is run by Mossaad Mohamed Ali Mossaad and former UN Secretary General Kofi Anan. There is also a refugee camp here called Kalma. Both centers were put up for the internally displaced persons who were affected during the Darfur conflict. Nutrition programs also take place here.

Nyala is currently occupied by an ethnic group called Daju, who refer to Nyala as the place of chatting or the theatre. The oldest sultanate capital, which is located on the foot of the Darfur massif, is the perfect place for mountain trekking, especially on Jabal Marra, the highest mountain.

Nyala boasts of archaeological materials of ancient antiquities, pottery, engraved pictures of war, horses and animals still waiting to be discovered and recognized. Nari, Kedingyir, Dobo, Simiat Hills, Jebel Kaima and Kalokitting are only a few of the undiscovered and untapped archaeological sites in Nyala. Nyala, is indeed a place that’s perfect not just for tourist in search of nice sites, but also those who want to be learned regarding the African culture.

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