Rural areas north of Nyanga town, Zimbabwe
Photo by: Wiki, Creative Commons

Nyanga is a town in Manicaland, Zimbabwe. Even since the late 1800’s, tourists and foreigners have always been captivated by the natural splendor of this area around Nyanga. There are many things to see and do in Nyanga. Perhaps the most popular tourist destination in the area is the National Park where tourists can experience outdoor activities such as hiking, camping and fishing.

Things to do:

• Camping – There are different camp sites in the National Park. The three largest are Rhodes Dam (located at the park’s main entrance and is also the headquarters), Mare Dam (located in the center of the park) and the Udu Dam (located in the north west, near the Nyangombe Falls). There are also privately owned campsites inside the National Park.

• Hiking – There are many different paths which lead to ancient ruins and pristine waterfalls. The trails are relatively easy so anyone can enjoy the natural beauty of the area. Bring a camera so you can take plenty of photos of the things you see during the hike.

• Fly Fishing – There are more than 5 different rivers running through the National Park. Different species of trout are in abundance, especially rainbow trout. A fishing license can be acquired upon paying the entrance fee. The fishing license is valid in the rivers Kayirezi, Mare, Nyamuziwa, Nyangombe and Pungwe. However, if you want to fish in the Lake Gulliver where brown and brook trout are plentiful, you’ll need a special fishing license.

• Horseback Riding – The short trail takes you from the Pony Trails office to the Nyangwe Fort, Mare Dam and back to the office again. The longer trail goes even farther than Udu Dam.

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