Oak Creek Canyon

Oak Creek Canyon
Photo by: Postdlf, Creative Commons

Visitors wanting to go to Arizona may probably ask if there are any other attractions that the state offers in addition to the Grand Canyon. Well, the obvious answer to that is yes, with Oak Creek Canyon leading the pack of attractions outside the Grand Canyon that are stunning and worth visiting as well. Oak Creek Canyon is actually a river gorge between the cities of Sedona and Flagstaff. The canyon is often referred to as a smaller cousin of the Grand Canyon because it offers comparable scenic beauty, and thus attracts a similar number of tourists as the Grand Canyon. Getting there requires the traveler to go through the State Route 89A which enters the canyon.

People may usually dismiss Oak Creek Canyon as just another site for hiking and climbing which the state of Arizona already has dozens of. People should remember, though that Oak Creek Canyon is a river gorge, and therefore, offers more in terms of activities. For those who would like to have a more peaceful time just admiring the canyon’s beauty with good food and wine, there are a number of campgrounds, picnic areas, and recreation areas within the canyon operated by the US Forest Service. Slide Rock State Park, home to a natural water slide along Oak Creek, should be perfect for swimming and fishing. The 49 fishable miles along the canyons creek offers a wide variety of catch, from varieties of trout and bass to catfish. Camping is another popular activity in the area.

Hiking is obviously a popular activity here, with a number of trails leading to side canyons or up to the canyon’s edge. The most popular trail in the Coconino National Forest, where Oak Creek Canyon is included, is the trail that leads to 4.8 kilometers up the West Fork of Oak Creek.

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