Fiji is a land of white sandy beaches, tropical rainforests, and coconut plantations. Located in the south pacific, Fiji is composed of 320 tropical volcanic islands with 110 that are actually inhabited. Fiji has something for everyone, from the newlywed couple to the adventurous backpacker. The warm blue water, multi-colored coral reefs, and large variety of exotic sea life draw visitors from all around the world.

The climate of Fiji is very tropical with only a slight variation of seasonal temperatures. Occasionally between November to April, hurricanes can occur, but not always, which means that year round travel is mostly available. This makes Fiji a great place for all of the outdoor activities this country offers, such as scenic boat trips, water sports, hiking, observing wildlife, and surfing.

Fiji cuisine usually consists of Fijian, Chinese and Indian styles of cooking. Kokoda is considered the national dish and is made of raw fish marinated in coconut cream and lime. The national drink is called Kava. It is usually prepared by pounding the roots of the Kava plant and then mixing it with cold water and consumed as soon as possible. The beverage has a sedating effect and is usually consumed to relax without disrupting mental clarity.

For an exotic good time in a land full of adventure and beauty, steeped in ancient customs and where the locals treat you as honored guests, come to Fiji.

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