Ocho Rios

Ocho Rios from atop
Photo by: Mangrove Mike, Creative Commons

Ocho Rios is originally a fishing village in the northern coast of Jamaica. Its name literally means eight rivers in Spanish but there are no eight rivers in this area. It is located in the Parish of Saint Ann.

It is now a major tourist destination in Jamaica with wonderful scenic and historic places to offer.

Food and Dining

In Ocho Rios, you can find several restaurants and cafés that will suit your taste buds’ need for the tastiest food. Its hottest attraction is the Jamaican Jerk Trail. Because Jamaica is the home of the Jerk cuisine which is characterized the by spiciest food, it has launched the Jamaican Jerk Trail which is a trail that goes in the whole of Jamaica including Ocho Rios and which marks the places where this original Jamaican cuisine is offered. You can find a variety of restaurants to satisfy every palate.


Outdoor activities are the most common attractions of Ocho Rios like scuba diving and other water sports. You can also enjoy horseback riding in the fields of the rural areas of Ocho Rios.


There are several destinations in Ocho Rios. Mostly historical marks and natural attractions can be found in the area which offers a glimpse of its history and the beauty of its natural resources.

The Firefly. The home and burial site of the playwright Noel Coward.

Green Grotto Caves. The shelter of the runaway slaves during the 18th century. It was well known for the rock formations and the miniature grotto located in its interior.

Dunns River Falls and Park. One of the national treasures of Jamaica which offers spectacular waterfalls and beautiful scenery that is truly a pleasing natural wonder.

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