Odense Fjord Sunset
Photo by: Bert K, Creative Commons

Odense is the third largest city in Denmark. It’s the main city of the island of Funen and is home to many of the world’s famous people: author and poet Hans Christian Andersen, inventor Thomas Thrige, tennis player Caroline Woznicaki, cartoonist Henrik Rehr, and her royal highness Birgitte, the duchess of Gloucester. Odense is also home to the biggest auction sales of vegetables, flowers and fruits. Located here is also Denmark’s largest shipyard, Odense steel shipyard.

Odense’ most famous landmark which comes second to the Eiffel tower in terms of height is the Odin Tower. Saint Canute’s Cathedral and The Odense palace are also sure to catch your eye. The shrine of St. Canute in the cathedral has attracted several pilgrims throughout the Middle Ages. You can find one of the largest shopping malls in the southeastern part of Odense. Practically, the city is perfect for those who want to go sight seeing and unwind in a laidback back area.

But mind you, Odense is also a haven for education. The main campus of the University of Southern Denmark is located here. It has a business school, a vocational school, a line of great gymnasiums and several other private schools.

Odense most visited tourist attractions are: The Funen Village, Danish Railway Museum, Odense Zoo and the house of the famous Hans Christian Andersen. Odense is also full of cultural establishments and attractions such as the Odense Music School, Odense Symphony Orchestra, and the Odense Central Library.

Odense can be reached from the capital Copenhagen in one hour and 15 minutes through the Great Belt Bridge. It’s the second biggest suspension bridge in the world.

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