Ofu and Olosega

Beachfront of Haven
Photo by: sarah rose, Creative Commons

Calling all beach buffs and nature aficionados! This place is for you. Ofu and Olosega (American Samoa) are the historical vestiges of a volcanic doublet with a constricted passage of coral reefs separating each other. The best part is that it is just an overview of the landscape because the Samoan Islands has a lot in store for you.

With a relatively small population, this haven is the perfect getaway for waterfront fanatics who love the rural setting. Living in small huts with a combination of white sand and the site of jagged mountains and serene waters of the Island, this is truly a tropical paradise for relaxation and getting away from the urban life.

Ofu is the western part of the island while Olosega is situated in the northwest area of the island. Ofu is best known for the small village and the 494m Tumutumu Mountain. During your exploration, by late afternoon flying foxes (bats) are prevalent which makes the journey more enticing. This beautiful paradise now belongs to the National Park of American Samoa. The Mountain of Olosega Island is the Piumafua Mountain which stands 639m tall. Traveling the mountain is best for bird-watchers as the location of the hill acts as an aviary to almost 82 species of birds.

Staying in this Samoan Island is not a very hard job. Learn to familiarize yourself with their customs, asking permission before taking photographs is a must, avoiding eating or drinking while walking is also a part of their tradition. If you and your relatives plan to snorkel, covering self with shirts and shorts on top of your swimsuits is essential to give respect to mores. Casual attire is shorts and below the knee get-ups.

So what are you waiting for? Get up from your seats and enjoy this paradise.

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