Ofu Island

Photo by: Wikimedia, Creative Commons

Ofu Island is considered as the most beautiful and dramatic island in Manua. An Island that belongs to Manua Group, Ofu Island is the eroded remains of a hotspot shield volcano with a collapse feature on its south face. This place is the easiest to visit and is mostly visited by local tourists. Ofu’s main attraction is its tropical south coast beach, 2.5miles (4km) stretch of white sand which is considered as one of the most beautiful tropical destination in South Pacific. The summit of this island is locally called as Lata Mountain that has a 931 meters or 3,050 feet elevation. Its last known volcanic activity occurred in1866, on the submarine edge extending towards the Ofu-Olosega.

Ofu Island is located 95km from Tutuila and 10km northwest from Tau. This Island has two different islands, the islands of Ofu and Olosega which are heavily influenced by western culture. This twin islands of Ofu and Olosaga overlaps shield volcanoes. Cliffs that reaches up to 600m in height and very steep slopes characterized the islands dramatic southern and western coastline. These coastlines sweeps the points facing the narrow strait situated between the islands. The steep slopes that can be found in Ofu Island also culminate in Leolo Ridge where the highest peak of the island can be found.

Ofu Island has a narrow strait called Asaga that divides the two islands. These strait is spanned by Girder Bridge and a small slab. Respectively, both of these islands are surrounded by a fringing reef that can be viewed during low tide.

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