Old City of Bern

Bern, Switzerland in Winter 400
Winter Sunset in Bern, Switzerland
Photo by: GenevaLife, Creative Commons

A medieval fog rolls in, and find yourself in the Old City of Bern. The Old City rises above a narrow hill encomapassed about on three sides by the Aare River. From its construction in the 12th to 15th century, time stands still in this place. The Old city features Switzerland’s tallest cathedral, bridges, churches, and Renaissance fountains. Many old buildings stand as a fine example of Swiss architecture. In 1983, UNESCO recognized the Old City as a World Heritage Site because of how the Swiss blended the old and the new. And because of this, many of its buildings have been tagged as Swiss Cultural Properties of National Significance, among them are:

The Munster of Bern
A Gothic cathedral located to the south. The construction of the building started in the year 1421 but the bell tower was finished in the year 1893. The bell tower is Switzerland’s tallest tower and it measures 100 meters high. The tower features a massive bell that weighs about 10 tons.

The Zytglogge is a major landmark and features a medieval clock tower, Switzerlands third oldest clock. This tower was built in between the years 1218-1220.

Nydegg Church
The Nydegg Church was built on the site of ruined castle in between the years 1341-1346. A clock tower was added in the year 1483 and the central nave was added again in the year 1504. In 1529 the church was converted to a warehouse, and again in the year 1566 it reverted back to a church.

The Old City of Bern has 100 fountains that are crowned with statues. These fountains were built in the 16th century and served as the main water source for the people of that period. The major fountains are:
• Gerechtigkteitsbrunnen
• Mosesbrunnen
• Venerrunnen
• Simsonbrunnen
• Lauferbrunnen
• Anna Seiler Brunnen
• Kindlifresserbrunnen

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