Old Mission Santa Barbara

Outside the Old Mission

Photo by: Randy Pertiet, Creative Commons

The fast-moving and demanding life we live in today obstructs our spiritual being and more often than not makes us forget that life is about being happy and is about living it with others. That is why it is important for people to once in a while revisit their spiritual side and rejuvenate their inner selves so that they will be complete and satisfied once they return to their normal lives. You can, by experiencing the Old Mission in Santa Barbara. Located in California, Santa Barbara County has the longest coast line in the West Coast of the United States.

Santa Barbara is filled with history and beauty. It has a range of neighborhoods with unique histories and architecture and culture one of which is the Old Mission. This was built on December 4, 1786 and was the 21st California Mission of Spanish Franciscans. As of today, the Mission continues to be a famous landmark in Santa Barbara. Located in a rise between Pacific Ocean and the Santa Ynez Mountains, it gives the its visitors a glimpse of a historical happening evidence by a grandiose church which up until now serves as a place of worship. It still has a gift shop, a museum, and a retreat house where one can internalize and recuperate from stress and problems brought by trials in life.

Nothing can beat the experience brought by the silence and solemnity of a historic place. Santa Barbara is more than a place of leisure. It serves as a haven for those who wish to escape the cruelty of present day demands and stress. It allows one to rekindle his spiritual side and find the true happiness in one’s life. It has been and will always be a place of tranquility where one can visit again and again.

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