Old Town Lunenburg

Lunenburg 400
Streets of Lunenburg
Photo by: how long it takes, Creative Commons

One of Canada’s pride is the Old Town Lunenburg in Nova Scotia. It has been designated as Canada’s National Historic District. It is a port town established in 1753 by the first settlers, the Acadian and the Mikmaqs, which was later made into a British Colonial Settlement. Many migrants from Italy, Germany, Switzerland and other European folks followed the first settlers.

During those days, it was considered as one of the best places to live because of its rising economy. A lot of people were drawn to the place because the potential it displayed to start a livelihood like ship-building, fishing, and small scale businesses.

Today, the town is still has a thriving economy, only it is now more of a tourist destination. Tourism is the number one industry in the old city. It is also acknowledged of having one of the largest fishing plants in North America.

What brings people back is how maintained and how the town is planned and constructed. By looking at their houses, churches and other buildings, one can quickly notice how creative the settlers were. Most of the construction were planned and included great structural design. Visitors always notice the wooden architecture of the houses, which shows that the place is well maintained.

The town shares its popularity, Bluenose and Bluenose II both were born there. Do not be confused, these aren’t people rather, these are the world’s famous schooner. These are the world renowned ships and fishing vessels during the 18th Century. Lunenburg Old Town is one example of a well-preserved British Colony that is worth a visit.

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