Old Town San Diego

Red Trolley to Old Town
Photo by: prayitno, Creative Commons

California is a modern state. Clearly, progress has set in, with a variety of shopping, dining and entertainment districts all around, that have mostly become visitor attractions. What most people are not aware of is that, much like anything else, California has a history. However, unlike anything else, California’s rich history can still be experienced through a unique place in San Diego’s Old Town.

Museums, tours, and culinary experiences are sure to be found in Old Town. This is mainly the reason why this location is frequented not only by the residents of the San Diego area, but also by visitors from other states and other nations. The Old Town, being a celebratory spot for the history of California, serves as a unique venue for many special events. But every night is an event in the Old Town because of the entertainment brought by the many restaurants located here.

Most cuisines available in the area are Mexican and Spanish, brought on by the historical value of the place. You cannot help but just marvel at the distinct architecture and ambiance of Old Town as it takes you back to the day when Spanish settlers once inhabited the space.

Tours are available, both free and paid, when going to San Diego’s Old Town. Guided tours are amazing as they show visitors around wearing costumes for that authentic feel of a forgotten era. For those who get tired walking, there is a trolley tour that lasts for two hours, with engaging hosts on the bus, providing additional entertainment alongside the culture brought by the Old Town itself. One last area not to be missed is the Tequila Museum where you can learn about not the commercial kind of tequila, but the real deal. Come to the Old Town and experience an authentic San Diego, California experience!

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