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Torun in Poland 400
Panoramic view of Torun
Photo by: Polska Zielona Siec’s, Creative Commons

Located north of Poland on the Vistula river, Torun has a laid-back, country-style feel. Its Old Town has avoided the commercialism and tourist chatter, making it seem like time had forgotten this place. But it’s not as quiet as it seems. The city square has a number of bars, restaurants and performing areas for concerts. But these entertainment venues are nothing compared to the city’s cultural and historical wealth.

Torun Old Town is best known as the birthplace of Nicolas Copernicus. He’s like a local celebrity there. You can find his name everywhere, and there’s even gingerbread shaped in his likeness. Speaking of gingerbread, pierniki is baked in many shapes and is famous all over Poland.

The city has numerous theaters, for children and adults alike. So if you’re a big theater-goer, you might be interested in checking out the international theater festival “Kontakt,” held annually in May.

It might not be as famous as Krakow or Gdansk or Warsaw, but Torun certainly deserves a spot on a tourist’s must-see list.

Places to see in Torun:

A 15th century Gothic house where Copernicus was presumably born.

Cathedral of Ss. John the Evangelist and John the Baptist – Built in the 14th century and extended in the 15th, it houses Gothic sculptures and paintings, plus the gravestone of Copernicus himself.

The Old Town Hall – Built in 1274, extended and rebuilt in 1391 and 1399, it was one of the monumental town halls in all of Europe.

“House of Kopernik” – Has a museum partnered with it which commemorates Nicolas Copernicus and his works.

The Center of Contemporary Art – Opened on June 2008, it is is one of the most important cultural centers of its kind in Poland. The building is located in the heart of the city just adjacent to the Old Town.

Where to stay:

Hotel Petite Fleur – A lovely hotel in Torun Old Town, it has 16 rooms.

Gromada – Also in Torun Old Town, this hotel has 43-rooms

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