Olgas Australia

Olgas Australia 400
Olgas Australia
Photo by: paleontour , Creative Commons

Toasted heads resting on the vast land, the Olgas or the Kata Tjuta is one of the two major attractions of Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, together with its equally stunning Uluru. Kata Tjuta, which literally means many heads, is a group of massive domed rock formations. Commonly known as the Olgas, it is named after the Queen of Württemberg and is the name of its tallest dome. Soaring high in its personal view, Mt. Olga proudly stood 1066 meters above sea level, even higher in its counterpart in Uluru.

The Olgas, which totals a number of 36 heads, are red-colored rocks divided by valleys on the side. The flat top rocky domes were formed millions of years ago by very harsh winds. The boulders consist of sedimentary rocks and sandstones. With its rocky terrain, it’s difficult to know when it is the best time to visit during the temperate months. Spring or fall is the best season where the outdoor climate does not reach the scorching heat or freezing cold.

The desert-like feel of the park made it suitable for an outdoor walk. Tourist can choose two different trails in the Olgas. The Walpa Gorge Walk is an easy stroll, while the Valley of the Winds more difficult. The walk follows the narrow and steep slopes of the park, requiring careful attention so not to injure yourself. It also has two lookouts, the Karu and the Karingana. Much difficult then it may seem, but the scenery and effort is more rewarding than the Walpa Gorge Walk.

Kata Tjuta also has a spiritual and cultural significance. Aborigines often made traditional ceremonies there that resulted to closure of some walking trails in respect and preservation to the environment and customary beliefs.

The Olgas offer a view of outback scenery, with its red domes standing tall against other rock formations. It gives an ever changing display of colors from the suns constant rise and fall from daybreak to sundown. From orange to deep magenta, to the top blue and white sky, down to the green countryside, the Olgas are definitely a sight to behold.

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