City of Olympia 400
City of Olympia
Photo by: chiarezza.dolce, Creative Commons

The first thing that enters your mind when you see Olympia, Greece is of course the Olympics. It is where the games started thousands of years ago, which until now, the tradition lives on. A lot of visitors definitely put Olympia, Greece in their travel list since the place is so beautiful and grand to miss. Until now, the ceremony of the Olympic Games continue to happen every four years not anymore touching base at Olympia, Greece but still keeping close to the tradition.

Visitors of course love taking pictures and taking them home for their friends to see. In Olympia, Greece they can do so many things aside posing from behind ruins – they can visit theaters, museums and Greek buildings. One other attraction for visitors is the Olympic flame, which has traveled all over the world originating in Greece. The flame is lit through the reflection of the sun’s rays that bounces of a parabolic mirror. Visitors, at the first sight of this are amazed and curious regarding the story of the flame that appears impossible to extinguish.

Do include Olympia in your schedule since this is one place you need to visit to fully appreciate the meaning of sportsmanship that has been passed on through the years. It would also be great to take photos of you throwing the imaginary discus, which everyone knows is the symbol associated with the games.

If you are wondering if you should wear anything close to the Spartan robes to be able to be in the groove with the Olympic fever, try not to spend time on that. Any light material fabric would be great for your trip to Greece.

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