Opatija Oceanfront
Photo by: jimmyharris, Creative Commons

Opatija, Croatia is found at the foot of Mount Ucka in the Gulf of Kvarner within the Istrian peninsula. It has become a famous summer and winter destination for its perfect temperature during the said seasons of the year.

Opatija is located in the midst of the bay laurel and surrounded by scenic views of nature. The sea cost that runs from the north down to the south of Opatija is a relaxing sight to see among both local and foreign tourists. There are also small winter resorts in the area for the visitors’ enjoyment.

Among the beautiful sights to see in Opatija is the Villa Angiolina. This villa was built by Iginio Scarpa in the year 1844. This was eventually turned into a hotel where tourists enjoyed staying, boosting the tourism of the whole town. For a time it was a favorite destination of Austrian imperial family and other nobility of Austria, which further enhanced the business in the area. Soon more luxury villas and hotels have been erected, including the Kvarner Hotel in 1884. Many of these hotels and villas still stand to this day.

Opatija has many pieces of art displayed in its museums. Among these is the Maiden with the seagull, a masterpiece by Zvonko Car that can be found prominently at the Juraj Sporer Art Pavilion. It has become so famous that it eventually became known as one of the symbol of Opatija.

Nature lovers will enjoy a walk in the town park of Angiolina where several plant species from the different parts of the world are being grown. These plants have been protected since 1968 and make the park a sort of botanical garden.
Not very far from the plants is The Fountain – Helios and Selena, which is a creation of Hans Rathautsky, an Austrian sculptor from 1889. It is a beautiful structure that has also become a favorite tourist spot in the city.

Opatija is a place that you will enjoy staying in when vacationing is Croatia. Its laidback ambiance, plus the picturesque sites and artistic finds add up to the perfect getaway.

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