Seaport of Oran
Photo by: Wikipedia, Creative Commons

If there’s a city that’s beautiful day and night because of the splendour of both natural and man made structures, it’s Oran Algeria. Oran is known as the place to escape it all. It’s ideal for a family vacation or for friends and romantics. Today it continues to be a place that remains undiscovered. If you’re looking for fine beaches rich in aquatic life and perfect for diving, or historical attractions and great restaurants that boast of fine crepes, and pizzerias, it’s all here in Oran, Algeria. Algeria’s second largest city is located 450km from the capital city Algiers.

Oran, Algeria is a center for business and ports, and it boasts of industries such as oil refineries and several multinational corporations located in Arzew, a very close town. If you take a vacation in Oran, you are likely to stay in a hotel that is an oasis of luxury because majority of their accommodations overlook the Mediterranean Sea, just like the Sheraton Oran Hotel and Towers.

The great historical attractions of Oran are lead by the Demaeght Museum, which contains exhibits of prehistoric archaeological facts and findings from Magrheb (West of Oran) and other ethnological displays. You will also enjoy Dar el-Bahia, the town hall, Le Theatre, their historical theatre, and the Cathedral de Sacre Coeur, the beautifully designed church opened by the French in 1913, which is now a public library ever since the Oran’s claimed independence. The lake of Petit Lac, Palais de la Culture, and the Great Synagogue of Oran will also take your breath away.

Whether you tour Oran in the day or at night, you are assured that it will be Panoramic.

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