Orange Walk

One of the attractions of Orange Walk District of Belize

Photo by: darcym, Creative Commons

Located in the northern part of the country is Orange Walk Town which is also the capital of the northern region of Belize. This town is near Belize City, which is a mere hour away by car. People who come to Orange Walk often find that it is a very quaint town to visit and enjoy the simple pleasures of life like enjoying a fresh breakfast taco off a cart in the middle of the street or chatting with the friendly people that you happen to meet on your walks around town.

Getting to Orange Walk town is easy since it is only an hour away from Belize City. After you get into the country by plane, you can either rent a car that you can drive north towards this town or you can take a bus. You can easily see a huge number of large cane trucks plying the road to and from the town during sugar cane season and while the roads are in pretty good condition, caution should be exercised during the rainy seasons since these roads can get very slippery when wet.

There are many interesting things to see and do in Orange Walk town. Aside from the many different kinds of street foods that you can enjoy, like salbutes and tacos, there are also a number of restaurants that offer different kinds of cuisine for you to enjoy here like Chinese and traditional Belizean cuisine. You should visit the many interesting places tourists love in Orange Walk which include the Lamanai Archeological Site, Central Park, the Sandy Hunter Library and the New River where you can enjoy numerous forms of water sports.

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