Orūzgān, Afghanistan
Photo by: wikipedia, Creative Commons

What would you do when you are in a province that is preoccupied by military operations, international attentions, and government issues? Well, for a place like Uruzgan, Afghanistan, there is more you can do. Take a visit in this place to discover enthralling sites and interesting stories of the central part of the Afghani nation.

When you tour this province, you need to see some of the places that will surely mesmerize you. One of them is the Chora District, where you can witness livestock and home made products. You can buy cheap souvenir items in this place, such as jewelries, Turkmen hats, and carpets.

Another place that you should not miss in your visit is the Deh Rawod, which is one of the highly urbanized districts in Uruzgan, Afghanistan. Although there are some military bases in the place, it still provides an interesting panoramic view of the Helmand River.

Gizad is another striking spot to stopover. You will see some of their finest artworks here, as well as learn from the stories of their amazing tribe.

Aside from these amazing sites, a tour at Uruzgan, Afghanistan means a lot of fun-filled and extreme activities to do. You can have a ride at the rough road, go boating at the river, or be an archaeologist for a day and try to unravel some facts about the place.

The dining experience is also exceptional. You will taste a lot of spicy food, but you will never regret your experience. Some of the delicious meat recipes you can taste in this province are lamb kabab, baulanee, chelo nachodo, samboosak, Afghani lamb with spinach, kofta nakhod, and qabili pilau. Mouth-watering desserts include the brides fingers, gosh feel, elephant ears, baklava, sheeer pyra fudge, sweet pumpkin, and firnee.

That’s all that this province can offer you in your visit. Everything is noteworthy, and the entire experience will be extra splendid.

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