Ozakajō Osaka castle
Photo by: JoopDorresteijn, Creative Commons

Characterized by a large region of land territory, Osaka is also known as Japan’s third biggest city. Thus, the city offers one of the widest varieties of must-see tourist destinations all over the country. Well-known for its skyscrapers, the city possesses not only commercial value but thriving nature spots as well. Certainly, Osaka got an ideal fusion of modern and ancient wonders inside its boundaries.

Osaka’s Historical Heritage
Osaka rose to be one of the centers of Japanese commerce in the 5th century, as it once served as the entrance of traders from neighboring countries like China and Korea. One evident effect of the exchange of goods and knowledge between these countries is the spread of Buddhism over Japan. Buddhist temples were then constructed all around the country.

Toyotomi Hideyoshi, a warlord of the 16th century built Osaka Castle, which served as his residence and war base at the same time. During this period, maritime areas around the city were expanded to improve its capability to protect the people from enemies.

All these historical background and economic advancement make Osaka an even more interesting destination.

As mentioned, Osaka contains extensive tourist spots waiting to be unraveled. The following places are just so irresistible that even the city’s natives can’t help but admire them:
With a lavish historical value, Tempozan was once a bay port in front of the Aji River. Recently, it was converted into a resort area composed of several rides, a museum, and gourmet shops. Visitors can also watch swimming whale sharks along the bay.

Also known as Osaka Aquarium, Kaiyukan allows guests enter the world of marine life through its giant manmade aquarium. Once you step inside the aquarium, you’ll see all the small and huge fishes swim around you, with the manta ray and mackerel’s faces clear and distinguishable. The aquarium gives its visitors the “feel” like they were in the middle of the animals and they’re swimming with them. That’s really a one of a kind experience.

Ame-mura, Festival Gate Amusement park, Expoland and Universal Studios Japan are just a few of the various amusement parks and commercial areas present in Osaka.

Minami is the most popular shopping area in Osaka and is the venue for numerous souvenir shops, department stores, arcades and restaurants. Shopping for souvenirs and gift items, joining in Osaka’s busy nightlife, or just sightseeing, Minami is the perfect place for you! Along the stores are arcade games and restaurants for those hungry tummies.

Speaking of Food!

Welcome to the gourmet capital of Japan, Osaka! True to its name, Osaka presents its visitors the widest selection of gourmet treats that will satisfy everyone’s cravings. Among the city’s unique specialty are Tecchiri, a dish perfect for the cold season, Shabu-Shabu, which actually originated in Osaka, and kushi-katsu, another Osaka creation, which are bite-sized breaded pork in sticks.

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