Ōsanbashi Pier

Osanbashi Pier at dusk
Photo by: Captain76, Creative Commons

The Osanbashi Pier is located in Naka Ward, Yokohama, Japan. It’s one of the most popular piers in the area and is actually the oldest as well. It was recently re-constructed in 2002 to be able to accommodate ships up to 70,000 tons.

Access for all

There are both ramps and elevators inside, no stairs. These allow all visitors to be able to get around more easily. There are a lot of boats that come to this pier each and every day, which means constant departure and arrival times.

Since the boats go to different areas, passengers can choose where they want to go and come back whenever they wish. Most schedules are kept constant and don’t change unless special circumstances. Ticketing booths and cafes are on the second floor of the pier for all passengers to easily access.

Scenic View

The rooftop plaza is open all day for visitors to enjoy the view. There are wooden decks along the grass lawns where people can look at unobstructed views to see when boats are coming in. Even Mt. Fiji can be seen at a distance when it’s clear outside.

The event plaza outside of the pier has a lot of entertainment throughout the year. Sometimes there are concerts held, while other times there are live speakers. The wooden board shades throughout the deck will help keep all guests cool when it’s hot outside.

The Osanbashi Pier is truly a work of art that visitors make a point to go and see. When it was being re-designed there was a competition held to see who could come up with the best architectural design.

The winner carried out their creation and made this pier truly unique and beautiful. It’s a source of pride for the area, especially since it has an award winning design. This has resulted in many visits from people all over the world!

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