A view of the ocean with Volcán Osorno in the background.

Photo by: queulat00, Creative Commons

There can be no other way to describe the city of Osorno other than a bustling and wonderful place to visit. Travelers will surely not say no to a city that sits just near Volcano Osorno. And indeed, though this is the oldest place in Chile, many are still claiming to have found this city remarkably attractive and tourist-friendly.

From then until today, Osorno has become the home to the largest cattle and dairy industry in the entire country of Chile. Aside from this, tourism is also being welcomed by the city with generosity. From places of attraction, culture, foods, people to its weather, tourists will surely see this city as lovely point of destination.


Osorno’s number one tourist destination is the Puyehue National Park. This park offers its guests beautiful forests, pristine lakes, preserves, and wildlife. Besides this great nature treat for visitors, there is also the Volcano Osorno. It is a minor yet active volcano, which is better known because of the hot springs. The Puyehue Hot Spring is famous to tourists and locals alike. This is because not only of the unique waters but as well as its location of being adjacent to the national park.


The city has a very rich culture of feasts and celebrations. Here in Osorno, they annually host the Festival de la Came y la Leche or the Milk and Meat Festival. This is a music feast that is being held every January. The main attraction on this festival is the performances of national bands and singers. On the other hand, they also host the Country Folk Festival during February. If you get to see this, you can appreciate more of the city because of regional folk artists’ performances.


Transportation is never a problem here in this city. It houses an airport, which is the Canal Bajo Carlos Hott Siebert Airport. Buses are also available here daily. Plus, the Cardinal Antonio Samore Pass makes Osorno the gateway to and from Argentina. Indeed, there can be no problem getting here in Osorno as well as going out of the city.

Truly, with all these generous offerings of Osorno to tourists, there is no wonder why it is tagged as a tourist-friendly city. The city houses comfortable and elegant hotels to give you the best hospitality and accommodations. Plus, there are many convenient shops along the city where you can grab some souvenirs from the trip. So now, why say no to a destination like Osorno, Chile?

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