Ostend Station by night, Ostend, Belgium
Photo by:
, Creative Commons

One of the harbors in Belgium is called Ostend. From 15th to 18th century, it was often seized by conquerors because of its strategic location. Today, it is an interesting destination for many tourists.

Included in the main attractions of Ostend are the Casino and Fort Napoleon. Strolling along its fine-sand beaches during the sunny days of July and August can really make one feel relaxed and close to nature. There is also a museum in Ostend named after the late artist James Ensor. The Mercator is another popular landmark in the municipality, which is actually a maritime museum. A more modern museum called Mu Zee is also another popular tourist spot. Churches with neo-Gothic styles are also found here. Two of these churches are the St. Petrus and St. Paulus Churches.

Apart from these, tourists will surely enjoy the local markets in the streets of Ostend. Vissersplein is a car free area where you can just sit around and enjoy your drink. During summer, they host music festivals in the area that attracts many visitors. You can also drop by the Flower Clock and the Municipal Park found in the area.

People in Ostend also love horse racing, and they usually gather inside the Hippodrome Wellington to enjoy this sport.

Due to the panoramic views found in Ostend, it is not surprising this place has been a constant spot for shooting films and television programs.

Fishing is the main livelihood of people in Ostend, but their economy also depends on tourism and local businesses.

Having said these, one can say that Ostend is a simple place, yet it almost always leaves you breathless because of its wonderful landmarks.

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