Ostrava, Czech Republic
Photo by: elka_cz , Creative Commons

The third largest city in the Czech Republic, Ostrava has been known as the industrial capital region because of the discovery of black coal in 1763. However, the evolution of the city has brought the industrial expansion to a stop and which eliminated the smoke and fog as a result of the industrial era. The new look of Ostrava now boasts of a clear skyline as well as clean and green grounds all over the city. Although not considered to be the prime tourist spot in the Czech Republic, Ostrava can assure international visitors of many great sights as well as fun recreational activities.

Some interesting sights to visit while in Ostrava could be the Ostrava Castle, St. Wenceslas Church or the Zoological Gardens located at the Stromovka Park. If you don’t have a fear of heights, you can then proceed to climb the tall Clock Tower in New Town Hall overlooking the vast city and take in the panoramic views.

If you want an artistic and cultural experience, then go and visit their museums. Take a stop at The Hornicke Museum to get the feel of the history of the place that all began with coal mining. Your next stop being the Ostrava Museum is a place where a showcase of regional archaeological displays can be seen. See many artefacts and unexpected ancient treasures that inform you of the city’s abundant natural history. Meanwhile, the best collection of art paintings by several modernist artist of the country is stored in the Dum Umeni Art Museum.

Finding lodging and accommodation in Ostrava is not a problem. The good thing about staying in this city is that you have several options for where to stay, dine and spend your time depending on your length of stay as well as your budget.

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