Snow, snow, snow at Otepaa
Photo by: neorama, Creative Commons

Are you looking for a fantastic getaway for you and your family this winter? Why not consider going to Otepaa, Estonia and experience what the city has to offer.

This small town is widely known in Estonia as the “Winter Capital” of the country. It is a woody and hilly area with over 120 days of snow throughout the year. There are many lakes too that freezes during the winter and people can enjoy many activities on ice like skating, skiing and fishing.

Why go to Switzerland when you have a less crowded place to go like Otepaa. It is considered to be the “Switzerland of the Baltics” because of the many hills and lakes that offer a good place to do activities when it snows for almost half of the year. It is indeed a haven for cross-country skiers and avid skaters. The mountains, which are more like hills, have only 200 meters peak but the continuous snow still makes it a worthwhile trip for all snow lovers.

You can also enjoy other winter activities in Otepaa. Aside from skating and skiing, you can also try ice fishing as well as motor or horse-drawn sleigh rides.

You don’t have to worry about food or accommodation because there are lots of affordable places to stay in. There are restaurants all over town that serve warm winter meals to help your body cope with all the fun activities you would engage in. There are enough activities and places to go to for all snow freaks out there who love to stay in a cold place and enjoy winter sports like skiing and snowboarding.

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