Ouarzazate, Morocco
Photo by: jries, Creative Commons

If you think “glitz and glamour” is a phrase that you will not ever use in Morocco, you are wrong because there is one place that can be described as glitzy and glamorous. The place is Ouarzazate, the film capital of Morocco.

Aside form the glitz and glamour that the place has, it is also the gateway to the magnificent and awe-inspiring Sahara Desert. Tourists who are bound for the great Sahara usually stay in Ouarzazate, Morocco for a short period of rest and relaxation.

Before your long and arduous trek to the Sahara, you should pamper yourself by staying in one of luxurious hotels where popular actors and directors stay in between takes and shoots. You can also stock up on desert snacks before your travel to the virgin Sahara.

Aside from its luxurious and extravagant offerings, this is also a place for spiritual preparation before you go to the treacherous Sahara Desert. It is important that you are spiritually, mentally, and physically prepared before you venture into something only the strongest and fittest can survive.

This Hollywood-like place in the middle of the desert has the popular Ait Ben Haddou Kasbah, the background for the movies the Gladiator, Jewel of the Nile, and the Lawrence of Arabia.

You should also not miss the Kelaa of Megouna or the area’s famous rose garden. It is amazing to find array of roses in different colors and sizes in the middle of the desert. You will see different varieties of roses that grow in such a unique climate.

Taourist Kasbah is another place to visit in Ouarzazate, Morocco. This is an old palace that has amazing architectural designs. It was also considered as the old Jewish quarter.

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