Oujda, Morocco
Photo by: amerune, Creative Commons

If you happen to be in Morocco or if you are planning to go there on your next vacation, you should visit Oujda. This place has an air of freedom and openness due to its history. Oujda is popular because of the university students who fought for what they believed in and did not allow other people to step on them. It is very close to Algeria and it has been ruled by different conquerors during the last few centuries.

Aside from the place’s historical significance, you can also visit some interesting tourist destinations that will make your trip to Oujda worthwhile. For one, you can visit the old and new Medinas which have their own attractions. Medinas are cities and in the cities you will see vendors and souks selling different products. The new city has the best hotels, probably because the facilities are more modern. Every year, fall festivities take place among the local people for the harvesting olives. This event takes place in the entrance of the city called Bab El Quabab.

You should also go visit Water Souk or Souk El Ma. This is also a big part of Oujda’s history because people used to buy water used for drinking here. Today, this has changed and water is for free but the place is still very interesting.

Oujda, Morocco also has an interesting culture because it is very near Algeria, which means its culture has been influenced greatly by the neighbouring country. The music that Oujdans create has an Algerian influences.

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