Oulu City House
Photo by: ptrktn, Creative Commons

Oulu, the sixth biggest city in Finland, is located at the western shore of the country. Formerly known as a top supplier of tar across Europe, Oulu is popular today as one of the highly developed technological centers in Northern Europe. Oulu deserves that distinction because most of its universities and museums are dedicated to the development of science.

If you are a traveler who happens to appreciate science, then a must-visit site for you is the Science Centre Tietomaa or the City Art Museum in Oulu. Adult visitors will marvel at the 150 changing exhibits in the museum, while children can enjoy the science center that allows different hands-on activities for kids. At the top of the museum’s tower, visitors can enjoy a view of the cityscape.

On the other hand, if you are not interested in science, you can head straight to the Market Place right after you set foot in Oulu. There, you can find the popular statue of a burly police officer and have your photo taken while you’re at it.

Are you an adventurous traveler who enjoys thrilling and physically challenging activities? If so, you have good reasons to stay longer in Oulu. Numerous hiking trails and bicycle paths can be found in the city. If you arrive in winter months like March, the best things to do in Oulu include skiing, ice fishing, and ice-skating.

Oulu is also an ideal place for relaxation, as plenty of Finnish saunas are open for both natives and tourists. A lot of hotels in Oulu offer saunas, some of which are private saunas for tourists who want to relax alone.

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