Out of Africa Wildlife Park

Black Leopard in the Out of Africa Wildlife park
Photo by: Qilinmon, Creative Commons

Because of the state’s almost desert location, lack of seasons and dry landscape, Arizona hosts many attractions that pay homage to its unique wildlife and geography. It’s not a wonder why something like the Out of Africa Wildlife Park is such a major attraction in the state. After all, who doesn’t want to experience a being close to rare nature and wildlife without having to leave the US? Going to Out of Africa Wildlife Park is a unique experience that combines the thrill of being that close to wild animals and the safety of the environment.

So, what is the experience in going to Out of Africa Wildlife Park actually like? Visitors are given the treat of approximating a safari experience resembling those being done in Africa. Guests get on a bus and get toured around the facility that houses the usual line up of wild animals – tigers, zebras, lions and the like. They are given the chance to go down the bus with their guides so that they can take pictures and really get close to the creatures to the point of actually feeding and even playing with them. Like in a safari, the wild animals housed in the park are not caged in a barred space like in zoos. They can roam around, just like in safaris, with some housed in cages that are not really that restrictive.

Aside from the Serengeti Safari and Preserve Tour, a lot of guests get excited over the Tiger Splash attraction where they get to see at least three tigers playing in a pool with some of the park’s staff. The interaction between the park’s staff and the wild animals is something great to see, as the animals are obviously well taken-cared of and not to mention well-fed. The admission fee may be a bit steep for some people, though.

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