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The Outer Herbides consists of islands off the west coast of Scotland. The Outer Herbides is comprised of many major islands, namely: Lewis and Harris, Benbecula, North Uist, South Uist, and Barra. Colloquially, the island is referred to as ‘The Long Island’.

The Outer Herbides is a fascinating and interesting destination for many travelers. While in Herbides, you should enjoy the wildlife and the scenery. The landscapes are splendid and unforgettable, the climate is moderate, and lifestyle is carefree and easy. By the end of your visit to the Outer Herbides, you would sincerely want to live here.

You will never run out of things to do when at the Outer Herbides. You can tour around the islands, take family wild trips, ride boat cruises, do diving and bird watching. The Outer Herbides is a proud home to many endangered species like the golden eagle, whale, dolphin, basking shark, seals, buzzards, corncake and otter. For those who seek adventure, you can also try surfing, diving, climbing or power boating! Enjoy and learn a new hobby in the beautiful islands.

The best thing about this island is the ever-hospitable Hebridean Gaels, the inhabitants of the Outer Herbides. They are always ready to greet their visitors a friendly welcome. From the moment you get here, you will then have that sense of belonging and freedom.

One can get to the Outer Herbides by air, sea, train or car. You can get here from Glasgow, Edinburgh or Inverness, where you can fly the Loganair to the Outer Hebrides. You can also get there by taking a ferry. These ferry boats go to the mainland and to the islands and vice versa all year round. In my opinion however, the train is the best means of transportation, for it provides you a very scenic route, with lush landscapes and amazing scenery of the country.

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