Paihia beach
Photo by: Le Grand Portage, Creative Commons

A complete getaway to a totally unique place will always include adventure, leisure, nature, and culture. Indeed, it will always be hard to find a place that will give you this full package. There always seems to be great places to visit but not all of them will offer what you are looking for. Well, now, your search is over. The place is the town of Paihia in the country of New Zealand.

Starting off with adventure, there are a lot of exciting new things this town has to offer you. Are you more interested in water adventures? Why not visit the Bay and learn how to parasail, kayak, or scuba dive? Upon trying these out, you will always remember Paihia for teaching you or letting you experience such great water adventures. Other adventures here include Hole in the Rock’s catching fast boats, chartering a yacht, and Zane Grey’s hooking a marlin adventures. You can also try an off-road trail either by horse or a four-wheel motorbike.

When speaking of leisure, there seems to be no end for various treats. You can swim and even snorkel in the town’s beautiful beaches. You can also take a tour of the town using a coach, a horse, or a buggy. There are also a lot of magnificent golf courses and fine restaurants in town. Saving the best for last is the magnificent cruise in the 144 islands of the Bay.

Now, you are up to your environment experience here in Paihia. You can go on a nature trip and swim with the dolphins in the town’s clear waters. There are also great chances of bird watching and mangrove tree spotting here.

To complete your getaway, you can always drop by in the historic place of Treaty House. This is the place where the Treaty of Waitangi was signed. This is a document that is of great importance to New Zealand’s foundation. You can always be guided through a heritage tour in this place. Much more, you can also get to experience here in Paihia the traditional feast called the Maori Hangi. This is a showcase of the country’s traditional way of cooking over heated rocks that are buried in pit ovens. Witnessing this tradition will open ways for you to taste the greatness of the country’s cuisine.

So, what else can you be looking for in a travel experience? Everything that you ought to experience is already offered by the town of Paihia. Indeed, it is no wonder why this place is called the Jewel of the Bay of islands here in New Zealand.

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