Rainy season in Ocha Krong, Pailin
Photo by: wiki, Creative Commons

The main road to Pailin Cambodia is now accessible and very convenient to travel. An isolated province that’s located in the hills of western Cambodian near the Thai border, The whole area of Pailin guarantees a fun and exciting travel adventure, especially for nature lovers. Pailin is locally known as a sleeping town because it’s a typical town during the day and a super active night activities during the night. Gimmick bars and colorful lights can be spotted on its night life district where night markets can also be seen. Most of the products that are sold here are Thai products, but local Cambodian products can also be bought.

Despite Pailin Cambodia’s sleepy town image, beneath its surface appearance lays a beautiful wild-west ambiance in most of its covered district. There are many places to visit in Pailin and here are some of them.

• Places such as the famous Caesar Heineken Beer Garden make a very enjoyable and relaxing place to spend the evening. This Garden’s open air structure was purposely structured to help enhance their customer’s sea-food dining experience.
• The Phnom Kheiu Waterfall is also worth visiting when visiting Pailin. Spend an enjoyable afternoon in one of Pailin’s jungle waterfall and be mesmerized by the waterfall’s natural beauty. A nirvana located in the mountains of Pailin City, this place is famous for its picturesque waterfall and emerald green views.
• Pailin Cambodia is definitely one place in Cambodia tourists shouldn’t miss. This destination is absolutely beautiful and stunning. Next time you plan your Cambodian visit, make sure you include Pailin in your next visit.

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