Pamukkale 400
Pamukkale Amphitheatre
Photo by: Alaskan Dude, Creative Commons

The reason for a vacation is to get away from the hectic routine of life in the city. We all need to let it all hang out, and Turkey provides many places to do that. The weary traveler will be spoiled by the choices, as this country becomes a backdrop of natural and man-made attractions.

One site that has received much attention is the Pamukkale, which when translated means “cotton castle”. A visitor may expect an imposing fortress, but then you will be delighted to find that Pamukkale is a collection of springs.

Pamukkale are white terraces formed through carbonate minerals, and the flowing water shaped it. A view from afar would show one a series of natural terraces which cascade to different levels. An ultimate indulgence would be lazing in one of the springs while enjoying the view from the terrace.

More than being picturesque, the Pamukkale provides great benefits to those who swim in the pool. Calcium bicarbonate sediments are abundant in the pools, thus allowing the swimmers to rejuvenate themselves with the health benefits of a dip.

This World Heritage site has welcomed countless of travelers for thousands of years. People from the ancient times have enjoyed the relaxing effects of the springs, and up to now people can still have the same experience. To keep the effects optimal, measures have been taken to protect and preserve the Pamukkale. In the recent years, swimmers have been prohibited from wearing shoes in the pool in order to keep the deposits in prime shape.

Pamukkale is somewhat like a natural health spa, as the water is said to be a cure against rheumatism and asthma. The water also offers benefits to the eyes and skin. Bathing in the spring is like shooting two birds with one stone, as one gets healed while enjoying the grandeur of nature.

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