Nguna from across
Photo by: Rudolf Stricker, Creative Commons

During the 19th century, the archipelago of lush, green islands was founded by British and French colonies and made it into a ponderous Anglo-French ‘New Hebrides’. It wasn’t until the year 1980 that it became the independent Republic Belong Vanuatu.
The country is a colorful land of many cultures. It is interesting in the way that it surprises visitors and capable of capturing anybody’s hearts. The charm of Panggi lies in its general beauty as well as its relaxed way of life.

Nature Tripping at Panggi

Are you into nature tripping? Then Panggi is the perfect place to enjoy your next vacation. The islands contain a diverse botanical and animal curiosity. They have giant banyan trees, which is the setting of village meetings and dancing places. The banyan trees begin by growing around another a tree and strangling it out of existence. It is a multi-rooted tree, with massive twisting mazes of trunks and branches, making it one of the planet’s largest living organisms.

Marine life is also very rich in Vanuatu. Its vast colorful reefs cover several miles. It holds the greatest store of life, from the potentially dangerous tiger sharks to the tiniest and most colorful fish you have ever seen. Snorkelling, diving and swimming are must-do activities while you are in the islands.

Visit the islands’ many volcanoes. You can even walk up to the crater of Mt. Yasur Volcano, the most accessible volcano in the world.

Vanuatu is tropical in the north, and subtropical in the south—thus, expect a hot and rainy climate. Rainy season comes on months November to April but rain can occur at any time. The perfect time to go hiking is between months May to July. During these months, the weather is cooler and drier. Come June to September, the evenings are brisk.

All year round, southeast trade winds blow steadily in the islands. The winds become stronger on the months April to October. During the wet season, the north or west winds occur because of the influence of hurricanes & tropical lows.

Vanuatu is a very hurricane prone country, and is the most hurricane prone one in the South Pacific. No fewer than 29 hurricanes have hit Vanuatu, between years 1970 to 1985 (a span of only 15 years). The southernmost islands of Vanuatu are less vulnerable to hurricanes and they also get less rain as compared to hotter islands up north.

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