Downtown Papeete
Photo by:, Creative Commons

Papeete is the welcome hub of Tahiti with the international airport housed in this capital city. Indeed, most of the foreign guests make this city a stopover for their most awaited experience of the magical and magnificent smaller islands of French Polynesia. However, what most of them do not know is that this place is worth their time for a visit as well. There are a lot of unique experiences and scenes that are offered here. In fact, this place is tagged as the unique city in the South Pacific.

Unlike any of its neighboring islands, Papeete is a place that offers its tourists a coastline that has both white and black sand. Meaning, you can get a good view of two different kinds of beaches in just one place. This will definitely make out a very unique travel experience for you.

Another great thing that you can do here is to visit the Robert Wan Pearl Museum. You will discover that Papeete houses an abundance of black pearls and other great Tahitian pearls.

Aside from this, there are other great places to see in this city. You can devote a day to check out other museums, churches, cathedrals, art galleries, and even tattoo shops. The Marche Papeete or the municipal market has also a lot of great deals to offer you. You can see great handicrafts and souvenir items from this vast daily market. Other known sites in the city include the Waterfront Esplanade, Bougainville Park, Cathedral of Notre Dame of Papeete, Temple de Paofai, Territorial Assembly, Gaston Flosse’s Presidential palace, and a lot more.

Indeed, all of these great attractions are one of a kind here in the South Pacific. With its neighbors displaying all the wonders of their beaches and marine life, Papeete has more to offer other than such normal French Polynesian escapades.

However, don’t ruin your getaway by being here on a bad timing. It is better to visit the city during the dry season, which is from May to October. Otherwise, you cannot enjoy the sun because of possible, frequent, and unpredictable storms.

Indeed, when you are on your way to experience the beauty of the magical islands of the South Pacific, feel free to experience what this unique city has to offer. Truly, Papeete gives a different taste among all your other getaways.

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