Paradise Island

Beautiful blue water of Paradise, Bahamas

Photo by: thelastminute, Creative Commons

Paradise Island, Bahamas is one of the most popular destinations in the Bahamas because of its strategic location and incomparable beauty. Many people who have had a taste of the place swear by its paradise-like beauty. Bridged to the north of the capital city Nassau, Paradise Island is truly a must-see spot that everyone shouldn’t miss.

The island offers the vacationer many resorts, hotels, casinos, and of course, marvelous blue beaches. The weather here is always warm, and therefore perfect for touring many attractions while enjoying the water and sun simultaneously, It offers serene places for relaxation, although it also is a busy metropolis which active people may love.

It is very easy to get to the island from Nassau, and this is why Nassau tourists always end up having Paradise Island as their second stop. In fact, some can even simply cross the bridge to get to the other city. As they cross the bridge, they are greeted by the splendor of the Royal Towers which is the largest wing of the well-known Atlantis Resort. Many visitors call it as the “Vegas-by-the-sea.” Being the grandest resort in the Bahamas, it is often swarmed by people who love to go shopping, fine dining, playing in the casino, lounging in the theater, and even playing with the dolphins.

If you love going to nightclubs, Paradise Island is also the best spot for you. Others spots you shouldn’t miss in this paradise are the Cabbage Beach lines, Versailles Gardens, and the Cloisters.

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