Paralimni, Cyprus
Photo by: wiki commons, Creative Commons

The town of Paralimni is the largest within the Famagusta District. It is located approximately forty minutes away from the airport in Larnaca. The town’s name meant “by the lake” because it was, then, built on a shallow lake’s shores. But during the fifteenth century, the town was relocated inland so the pirates will not see it. It is also believed that its first settlers arrived merely after Famagusta, a nearby town, was captured. And now, Paralimni, Cyprus has developed into a nice tourist spot. Plenty of world-famous shops like Marks & Spencer are seen here. Numerous cafes, restaurants, bars, and popular food joints such as Carrefour and Orfanides are also accessible.

In addition, several beautiful churches and marvelous gardens, as well as, fountains are really great attractions. The Twin-aisled Vaulted Church is among the three beautiful churches that Paralimni, Cyprus is known for. Some of its parts are very old; dating as far back as the thirteenth century. It is adorned with antique porcelain plates that have existed since the eighteenth century. It also houses an ecclesiastical museum. Charming windmills are also found in the countryside that surrounds Paralimni. In the past, these windmills were used to get underground water. However, due to the modernization of the place, electric pumps have replaced majority of these windmills.

Additionally, lots of tourists also come to Paralimni, Cyprus for the Famagusta District Shooting Club which is located at its boarders. This is a place for many enthusiastic activities. Moreover, the architecture in Paralimni is significantly improving. Most of the houses here are simple and ordinary. Nonetheless, they have really eye-catching gardens. The blossoming trees are especially attractive.

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