Bridge crossing from Parnu to Russia
Photo by: Siyad Ma, Creative Commons

If you want to have an enjoyable summer break, then you should consider visiting Parnu, Estonia. Why? Well, it is not the usual summer destination of most people, but it would be a new experience for you and your loved ones.

What does the summer capital of Estonia have to offer to the people of the world? The truth is, there are many things you can do while having your summer vacation in this place. If you are considering going here with your friends or family, here’s a list of some of the things you can do.

If you wish to be fed with a feast of European dishes, then you will definitely enjoy eating at Steffani Pizzarestoran. The restaurant offers pizza, pasta, salads and several other dishes that you will find delectable. It has an image of warm and cozy courtyard with nicely decorated interiors.

Another highlight of going to Parnu is staying in their wonderful hotels and villas. You can have many different choices and two of them are the Ammende Villa which has a more historic appeal to it or the Villa Artis which is a bit more modern and has more recreational activities to offer.

If you want to experience a bit of the country life, why not go to Sassi Horse Farm which is a haven for horse lovers. You can have riding lessons and enjoy the panoramic view of the nearby sea.

If you want a day of relaxation in Parnu, then all you have to do is visit their Parnu resort and enjoy the massage, their famous mud baths and other treatments to help you unwind.

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