Patong Beach

Patong Beach at dusk
Photo by: kudumomo, Creative Commons

The mainland and heart of Southeast Asia can give you a vacation you won’t forget. Although most of the community here is known for being religious and conventional, Thai people still know how to have fun – which all happens here at Patong Beach.

Known for being the most famous tourist attraction in Phuket, this island remained humble despite honor and glory. People will welcome you with smiling faces and open arms right at the time you set foot on their territory. You won’t even see anyone who would not greet you while walking on the boulevard.

The beach is actually crowded with vendors who sell different traditional items for the tourists. Sun beds are also available for relaxing beside the coastline. Among the famous activities are banana boating, playing beach volleyball, jet skiing, wake-boarding, snorkeling or even having a massage under the sun.

Form the months November to April; the city is mostly dry where you can enjoy different activities not worrying about rain while the months May to October can most likely give you short rain showers.

To relax in your vacation, you can unwind at Loma Park where small picnics can be held for the family. At night, it will seem like a party all throughout the country because of its exquisite nightlife. The wildest party zone of the beach is at Soi Bangla where all genders are seen, including transvestites and third genders. Banana Disco, Club Lime, D Club, Hollywood Discotheque and other bars are some of the well-known after-dark destinations for everyone. The famous Simon Cabaret is also held here were colorful, fun and creativity are mixed together to form the largest musical transvestite cabaret show in Asia.

Despite the strong affiliation to the religion, Buddhism, Thais still have a place for party and recreation. After all, Thailand is not all about temples and landscapes; it is also where most satisfying gathering happens. Excitement is the feeling you should be wary of because once you set foot in Patong Beach, you may forget your homeland.

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