Peitou Hot Spring Museum, Taiwan
Photo by: WikiMedia, Creative Commons

Peitou, Taiwan is popularly known for its hot springs and is considered to be Northern Taiwan’s historical site for hot springs. Peitou originally got its name from an Aboriginal word mean shamaness. The area is blessed with mesmerizing scenery and a wide range of hot spring waters. After Taiwan’s relapsed to the Chinese Rule, Peitou slowly began developing its rich natural resources. Blessed by nature with fine breathe taking scenery, Peitou’s popularity grew very fast because of its hot spring offerings.

Peitou, Taiwan, although popular for its vast hot springs, Peitou also offers many historical and recreational tourist destinations. Here are some great places to visit when staying in Peitou.

• Peitou Hot Spring Museum – More than just treating guest with a cozy soak in their hot spring, the Peitou Hot Spring Museum also offers a fine place to learn the history of Peitou and the story of its successful career. This structure was built in 1913 that was originally intended to provide the public a high-class hot spring bath. There are 11 display areas that can be found inside the Peitou Museum that covers different historical areas of Peitou’s development.
• Taiwan Folks Art Museum – The Taiwan Folks Art Museum is located inside one of Taiwan’s largest surviving Japanese Style-wooden structures. This place used to serve the government and VIP’s as Guest House. The provincial government eventually decided to sell the site, and was then later transformed into a Folks Art Museum.
• Spring City Resort – For an unforgettable hot spring experience, Spring City Resort provides an unmistakably five-star setting. This is also one of the best places to pamper the soaring body after doing a day full of activities.
• Spa World Spring Resort – Spa World is currently Peitou’s newest hot spring establishment. It is fully equipped with hydrotherapy facilities, perfect for pampering and relaxing.

Peitou, Taiwan is not only known because of the wide variety of hot springs it offers but because of its over all magnificent beauty that truly satisfies every visitor’s heart.

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