Penang Hill
Photo by: Schristia, Creative Commons

Penang is famous for its wonderful cuisine. In fact, it is known to be Malaysia’s food paradise. It offers a lot of inexpensive and delicious food, but it is more popular for its local specialties. Penang Laksa, Nasi Kandar, and Char Koay Teow are among them. Char Koay Teow is a kind of stir-fried flat rice noodles. It is usually mixed with cockles, eggs, and bean sprouts. Tourists may go to Sister’s Char Koay Teow or Lorong Selamat to taste this Char Koay Teow. Nevertheless, plenty of other good foods must be searched around.

Tourists must try the Assam Laksa. It is a noodle soup with tamarind-flavored broth, pureed fish, vegetables, fruits, and chili. It is very strong and may be found in Gurney drive or Gottlieb Road. The Penang Nasi Kandar, on the other hand, is white rice, which can be served with prawns, fish, eggs, vegetables, or chicken. It is mostly found in Georgetown. Then, Hokkien Mee is actually two kinds of noodles in pork and prawn soup. It comes with pieces of prawns, pork, vegetables, shallots, bean sprouts, and eggs. Lobak is another popular Penang specialty. It is a sort of sausage that it usually paired with tofu or dipped in sweet and chili sauces. Flat rice noodle soup with chicken and pork slices is known as Koay Teow Th’ng. It could be found in Gurney Drive and Hutton Lane.

More Penang delicacies are Sar Hor Fun, which is flat rice cakes in egg broth, and Lor Mee, which are yellow noodles with sticky gravy and pork or chicken slices. Satay, which is grilled chicken, beef, or mutton, is a must-try too. And tourists could eat Or Chens or an Oyster Omelets in all over Georgetown. Seafood is very abundant in Penang, as well. So, they may head to Teluk Bahang or Batu Ferringhi for fresh choices. Then, when it comes to dessert, the durian is the best. But other good ones are Kaya, which is a kind of jam, and coconut tarts. The best Kayas are in Madras Lane while the best coconut tarts are in Cintra Lane.

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