Pergamon Museum in Berlin

Pergamon Museum
The Pergamon Musem in Berlin, Germany
Photo from: Raimond Spekking, Creative Commons

The Pergamon Museum is located in Berlin, Germany, which is the best place to find religious art .The museum was designed by Ludwig Hoffmann and Alfred Messel and built in between the years 1910 to 1930.

The Pergamon Museum consists of three departments and they are Classical Antiquities, the Sculpture Wing and Islamic Arts. The major attraction at the museum is the Zeus Altar which is from about180-160 BC and it located in the department of Classical Antiquities. In addition, impressive paintings are displayed on the walls of the department which show the Olympian Gods struggle over the Titans. Some of these wall paintings took about 20 to restore.

Also, the department contains the Miletus Market Gate and a large number of other structures from the Roman and Greek cities. One such structure is a goddess statue from 575 BC, which had been buried for about 2000 years and was discovered in southern Attica. It  was well preserved and even the original paintings can be seen on the statues clothes.

A large number of collections from the ancient cities of Persia, Assyria and Babylonia are displayed in the North East Museum. The exhibits include the Ishtar Gate coming from about 580 BC and Emperor Nebuchadnezzar II’s throne from 604-562 BC. In addition, there are metal and glass objects used by the ancient primitive tribes displayed there.

The southern part of the museum, which is also known as Museum of “Islamic Art”, contains the collection of carpets, illuminated manuscripts, miniatures and wooden carvings.

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