Peter and Paul Fortress

Peter and Paul Fortress 400
Peter and Paul Fortress
Photo by: jimg944, Creative Commons

The Peter and Paul Fortress is located at St. Petersburg. It was founded in the year 1703 by Peter the Great and the fort has been reconstructed in between the years 1706-1740.

The fort was built on Hare Island and close to the Neva River in order to protect the capital. The fort also served as the cities garrison and a prison for political and high level prisoners. The fort also features a cathedral, bell-tower and a museum. As a prominenet tourist destination, among the main attractions are:

City History Museum
This museum contain the cities historical collection starting from the time of Emperor Peter the Great to Nicholas II. The collection includes paintings and it also displays a number of objects belonging to the historical wars. In addition a number of temporary exhibits are also held here.

The Peter and Paul Cathedral
This cathedral was built by Domenico Trezzini in between the years 1712-1733. The cathedral features a massive bell-tower that measures 122.5 meters with gilded spires and this tower is also the major point in the fort. The cathedral was built in a baroque style and it is richly ornamented all over.

The Statue of Peter the Great
This statue has been controversial as it was designed in the form of a cruel person.

The Neva Gate
The Neva Gate is located to the south of the fortress. Designed by Nikolai Lvov and it built in a neo-classical style. It is also the main gate where the prisoners were taken out of the prison.

The Commandants Cemetery
This cemetery features the tombs of the commandants in between the years 1703-1917.

Close to the fort is a sandy beach, it is crowded at all times and the major attraction in this beach is the sand festival.

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