Phan Thiết

Phan Thiet
Photo by: vodkahanoi, Creative Commons

Phan Tiet is a popular fishing port in the southern part of Central Vietnam. It is also considered the largest town in Binh Thuan province. Fish products are their major product line and they are also famous in their large production of fish sauce. Various fish varieties are available around their port so you can expect to have a superb seafood trip in the restaurants around the town.

Aside from being a primary fishing port, the town is also home to wonderful beaches. The most famous above all the beaches in the town is the Cape Mui Ne. It has a twenty one kilometer shoreline of fine white sand, attracting a lot of tourists who love to spend time in the beach. It also offers breathtaking scenery especially during sunset, as the beach reflects the colors of the sun. Other than Mui Ne, there are other beaches in the town like Bai Rang which has a beautiful shoreline accentuated with lots of coconut trees. Moreover, it is also worthy to visit the Mui Ne Sand Dunes which is a beautiful product of nature. It is a desert like place where the wind shapes up the golden brown sand in order to form up a beautiful landscape.

Phan Tiet generally has a warm climate. Upon planning a visit, it is advisable to visit the abovementioned places in order to get the best of Phan Tiet. After a trip to the beach, end up the day with a Vietnamese seafood cuisine; you can choose to dine in the numerous restaurants around the town. You can also purchase souvenir items and most are made up of sea products. It is also fascinating to roam around the town; colonial houses still stood along Phan Tiet’s old streets. So whenever you have gone in Vietnam, don’t forget to visit Phan Tiet!

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